Ladies of Splendor & Men of Honour Mentorship program

Launched in 2013 by Emerging Leaders Foundation - Africa, the Ladies of Splendor & Men of Honour Mentorship program exists to grow the next generation of leaders through mentorship, leadership training, and exchange programs.

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Ladies of Splendor and Men of Honour is a one-year, high-impact mentorship program aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders in Africa. The program targets Kenyan youth aged between 15 and 35. It is premised on the belief in a Kenya where young people are empowered to be able to exploit their full potential and thus spur transformation in their communities. Mentees are taken through modules such as self-awareness, leadership skills, life skills, storytelling, community service, human rights and participation, communication, personal branding, and entrepreneurship. Over the course of the training, they get attached to mentors in different careers, depending on areas of interest, for coaching and guidance. They also do peer mentorship among themselves. Modes of delivery for the program include, but are not limited to, lectures, role plays, reflections and journaling, group discussions, videos clips, and case studies.
The model is based on three key pillars: discover, connect, and impact.
  • Discover: Based on the belief that a leader must first discover and know who he or she is before attempting to make any change in society, tools of storytelling and reflection are used in this phase.
  • Connect: For leaders to have any influence, they must connect with people. The pillar focuses on teaching how to connect with people and how to synergize and achieve success. In this phase, image, networking, and ability to communicate are of paramount importance. The program also provides avenues for the mentees to meet and network.
  • Impact: This pillar is based on the premise that leadership is about results and making a real tangible difference in the lives of communities. For instance, how does a leader consolidate his or her knowledge, skills, and networks to touch the lives of the vulnerable members of society? What platforms does he use to make the change? Mentees are linked to internships and job opportunities in the course of the program, to help them put into practice what they learn and to earn a livelihood.
At the end of the program, the team members graduate and join the alumni body. At this level, they give back by mentoring the incoming team. ELF Africa continuously keeps in touch with them to know where they are, what they are doing, what they are accomplishing, and any challenges they may be facing, if any. 
The program offers a holistic mentorship approach where mentees get a personal mentor, get trained in life skills, get linked to employment opportunities and are sponsored to attend an international conference giving them a chance to network. Limited financial resources have limited the program's reach to mainly Nairobi.

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