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Library For All seeks to unlock knowledge to the developing world by providing students with access to a cloud-based digital library. Its mission is to increase educational opportunity for students in developing countries, giving them an opportunity to learn, dream, and aspire to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Recognizing that millions of students across the globe lack basic resources in the classroom, Library For All (LFA) seeks to provide children with high quality, relevant educational resources via its cloud-based digital library. Currently, LFA has piloted this platform in Haiti with the objective of providing students with access to classic and culturally relevant literature in English, French, Creole, and Spanish in order to improve literacy rates and foster a love of reading.

Library Content | Currently, LFA focuses on creating and compiling content for students on its digital library. Leveraging the talent of both international and local publishers, LFA includes donated books, purchased content, as well as open-sourced resources. Its library also features textbooks that are tied with national curriculum. Library for All has worked with the Haitian government to develop related capabilities for its platform such as a search feature that enables students to search via grade level in order to access books that are most relevant for them. 

Core Technologies | The LFA digital library employs a low-bandwidth network topology that allows students search through the library offline. However, in order to download or access full content, users must be connected to the internet. LFA partners with local organizations to provide students with the technologies required to access its library (e.g. computers, Android tablets, and mobile phones), such as Digicel Haiti and Sûrtab.

Currently, Library For All is exploring partnerships to scale across Haiti, and to extend its reach to two other African countries in 2014. Ultimately, LFA seeks to reach 5 million children over the next five years. 

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