Living Right

Living Right reaches out to pregnant women, parents, primary school children, teens, and other adults to build an AIDS free generation using short- and long-term strategies among the communities in which it works to bring hope and break despair.
2000South Africa

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Western CapePeri-Urban

The model employs numerous initiatives to holistically support and educate the various members of the community:

• Numeracy Initiative: currently operating sessions with Grade Twos twice weekly to strengthen fundamental mathematical concepts;

• Life Skills Education: an eight session basic-values program run in primary and high schools addressing issues such as bullying and making good choices;

• Leadership Development: workshops are run with Grade Sevens and student leaders to explore the different characteristics and styles of successful leaders;

• Eve Project: distribution of feminine hygiene products enabling young girls to stay at school;

• Teens and College Health Outreach: a registered nurse offers information on how the body works and how to take care of it;

• Kids/Teens Clubs: run in the afternoons for children aged 3-18 with age-appropriate activities. Holiday clubs are also run. Students receive value-based education on sexual abstinence and other lifestyle topics.

• Early Childhood Development (ECD): In partnership with Think Twice, assistance is given to preschools that are not yet registered, and assists practitioners in basic skills and knowledge in preparation for their Further Education and Training Certificate. They are given training in the basic management of crèches and preschools as well as curriculum planning. Staff representatives attend the meetings of the ECD forum;

• Parenting talks and workshops are run, paying attention to the context and needs of particular groups;

• Mother Care: providing vital education and practical support to mothers with new babies to improve maternal and child health;

• Fatherhood Program: encourages fathers on how and why they should be actively involved in the raising of their children;

• Family Strengthening: a social response to all the other components of Living Right through home visits and the development of referral networks with other NGOs and resources so that people can be helped to access available resources in their communities;

• Way To Work Programs: run to equip young people with the soft skills required to get a job and keep it

The various initiative facilitators are recruited from the community, thereby empowering local communities to care for themselves.

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