Madrasa Early Childhood Programme (MECP)

The Madrasa Early Childhood Program assists underprivileged communities in the establishment, development, and management of preschools; offering professional development and training courses to new and practicing preschool teachers and providing tailor-made technical support to preschools, civil society, government and private organizations.

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Coast ProvinceMombasa, Kwale and Kilifi CountiesPeri-Urban, Rural, UrbanUgandaTanzania

Over 30 years of development and refinement, the Madrasa Early Childhood Program (MECP) developed into several key components, including:

Phased Approach to Community Preschool Start-up and Development: This begins with a formal agreement with interested communities to set-up, manage and operate their own community preschools.  Selected preschools undergo a phased process of support by MECP. The initial cycle (2-3 years) is the most intensive and includes (i) mobilization and sensitization of the community, (ii) establishment of the community preschool, creation and capacity building of key support structures including a local School Management committee (SMC) and Community Resource Team (CRT), and (iii) professional development and in-classroom mentoring of locally identified/hired teachers which includes ensuring teachers understand how to develop/maintain low-cost, effective teaching and learning materials.  Pre-schools are mentored for an additional 2 years after graduating from the MECP cycle although the interaction is significantly lower (a handful of visits per year rather than 2-3 each month which occurs in the initial phase). MECP-K also supports preschools with small grants to undertake renovations and establish community and classroom libraries.

Providing technical support: This is a cross-cutting component in which MECP-K provides technical training and mentoring to new and existing pre-school support structures. MECP-K offers capacity building training to various local stakeholders to ensure smooth transition of children from home to pre-primary to primary level of schooling. MECP-K also provides community trainings on reading for children and other areas related to healthy child development.

Professional Development of preprimary teachers: MECP-K emphasizes the Professional Development of preschool teachers through tailor made training and support. MECP provides 1815 hours of pre-service teachers training in an in-service mode (both classroom and field based learning) to certify pre-primary teachers in Early Childhood Development (ECD).  MECP-K also provides tailored refresher courses for in-service pre-primary teachers. Overall, MECP-K puts significant emphasis on coaching and mentoring of teachers to continuously improve teaching practices in lesson delivery.

Consultancy services: MECP-K offers a variety of consultation services to government, civil society and private organizations to share knowledge, best practice and experience in the field.  Services are specific to community and organizational needs in relation to the provision of ECD services. These services are a form of income generation for MECP-K.

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