MASK Prize Creativity Competition

The MASK Prize creativity competition promotes creativity and innovation in young people across Africa by providing prizes for schools and young people under the age of 25 living.

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MASK believes that education for creativity is means for achieving real learning, improved employability and strong leadership.  The organization offers young people creativity-training programs such as Creativity Clubs in schools and the MAKS Prize creativity competition. By ‘creativity’ MASK understands ‘the outside-box problem solving’, the skill that can be learned and taught. 

In Africa, where the aspects of education for creativity in schools are critically limited, the MASK Prize is the effective platform that offers young people a space where they are encouraged to be creative and inventive and learn from the creativity of others. The MASK Prize ignites and celebrates creativity of young people.

Working with national press and media as the media partners, the MASK Prize not only successfully reaches a large number of participants, but also promotes the importance of creativity and its socio-economic benefits to the wider public though the promotional campaigns, Award Ceremonies, and exhibitions at the leading cultural and education centers. 

Winners, selected by a panel of judges, are awarded prizes at the official Award Ceremony in Nairobi. Selected works are shared with other young people at the exhibitions at leading cultural and education centers around the world.Raising funds to meet costs

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