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M.C.E Uganda delivers programs to the youth in Uganda, teaching entrepreneurship, employability, and leadership skills aimed at improving youth livelihoods.The programs incorporate mentorship and coaching in the modules in a bid to provide holistic support to young entrepreneurs.

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M.C.E Uganda has implemented various programs since its inception in 2010. All the programs offer entrepreneurship and leadership skills training to the youth in Uganda in an effort to create employment opportunities.The training is based on a curriculum developed by M.C.E Uganda and delivered by the team with the support of volunteers at community or M.C.E centers. Incorporated into the training are mentorship and coaching by local business people and experts to offer students guidance and support to complement their skills learning. The M.C.E Uganda programs focus on three key areas:


Leadership Entrepreneurship & Apprenticeship Program (LEAP)

A combination of leadership, entrepreneurship and apprenticeship skills are delivered to vulnerable out-of-school youth with limited access to alternative livelihood opportunities. The LEAP experience targets youth between the ages of 15 to 25 as identified by the community. M.C.E Uganda strives to understand the reason the student dropped out and whether he or she would return to school before accepting them for LEAP courses.The course runs for two and a half years with particular focus on leadership and apprenticeship at the artisan level and includes psychosocial support.


Vocational Entrepreneurship & Employability Program (VEEP)

VEEP is for youth (15-35) with both formal and non-formal vocational education identified through partnership with local communities and vocational training institutes and focuses on entrepreneurship and vocational skills. The program helps to develop practical business skills, mentorship, post-program support and administration over a period of one year to turn skills into a business. The students also meet as thematic groups centered around vocations for peer-to-peer learning.


Business Development Services (BDS)

BDS is the income-generating activity of M.C.E Uganda. M.C.E Uganda is certified to offer business development service training by the International Labour Organisation. The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) and Gender and Entrepreneurship Together (GET Ahead) packages are offered to existing entrepreneurs (15-35) at a cost depending on the course selected. These income-generating activities help support the other M.C.E programs. The program delivers enterprise development training and follow-up support to existing entrepreneurs. Depending on the needs identified, the entrepreneur is supported to either generate feasible business ideas, develop business plans or improve business systems over 40-60 hours. BDS also organizes an annual Youth Enterprise Fare that showcases youth-led businesses and fosters linkages with youth-focused organizations.

The combination of skills and leadership training with coaching and mentorship provides the students with guidance and career support. The program also creates opportunities for the youth to be employed or create their own jobs.Fundraising remains a key challenge for the program as most of the programs are delivered at no cost. Effectively measuring impact at a low cost is also a challenge.

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