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Mindspark Centres are technology-based remedial centres which help underprivileged students of classes 1-8 learn Hindi language and Mathematics. (English is also taught for 30 minutes a week.)

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MIndspark is a computer-based, self-adaptive-learning program that helps a child to improve his/her skills in Maths. It allows each student to follow a learning path that is based on their current level and at a pace they are comfortable with.

These centers are technology based remedial centers that help underpriveledged students of classes from 1-8, learn Mathematics, Hindi. (English is taught for 30 minutes in a week). 5 Centers are running in slum/lower class areas of South Delhi (Govindpuri, Chhatarpur, Tekhand, Tughlaqabad and Sangam Vihar). Each center has 20 to 30 computers and students come daily for 90 minutes each in designated slots between 8am and 8pm.  They do 45 minutes of Hindi/Maths on the computer and 45 minutes of small group instruction or Homework or Exam support.  

Each center can provide for up to 480 students from poor families, giving them the opportunity to learn using an established adaptive eLearning program, Mindspark, whose English version is being used in over 100 elite private schools in India.  The centers have run successfully for over 20 months and learning gains observed in Hindi and Mathematics have both been very high.  

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