Muktangan follows an innovative model of education within the mainstream in government schools providing child-centered, inclusive, English-medium schooling to underprivileged children in Mumbai. The students from the same communities are developed as teachers and as agents of change, resulting in “education for the community, by the community."

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Muktangan focuses on holistic development of the child while following the philosophy “Education by the community, for the community.” The project has a low-cost replicable model focused on centered education. It provides professional training to women from the urban disadvantaged communities to be skilled, child-centered, inclusive English medium teachers. The program addresses all aspects of an education system simultaneously:

  1. The 7 Muktangan schools (called spokes) and teacher education center (called hub) operate through a strong public-private partnership with the Mumbai municipal schooling system, demonstrating the effectiveness of the model within the mainstream education system.
  2. Four hundred teachers, support staff, and school leaders are trained and inducted from local marginalized communities and thereby clearly understand the needs and aspirations of the children. 
  3. Three-year teacher education program designed in house in conformity with the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education adopts a methodology of active learning. Role plays, case studies, group discussions, and child observation projects constitute more than 50 percent of the training time.
  4. The community teachers move with children (one grade at a time), thereby developing and understanding of child development as a continuous process on subject pedagogy. School leaders continue to participate in curriculum planning meetings and classroom teaching to develop themselves as pedagogical leaders and not as administrative managers.
  5. Low student-teacher ratio enables the classroom curriculum to be tailor-made to the needs of individual children. They are supported by a team of special educators, librarians, and holistic education specialists (all from the community). All are achieved at costs lower than the government educational system. 
Muktangan’s 100 percent community-based, hub-and-spoke model operating within the mainstream education system is unique in India, focusing on holistic development of the child while following the philosophy “education by the community, for the community."The key challenge will be to advocate the model with local and national government and scale up.

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