Nafham is a free, online education platform that hosts and produces video lessons covering the Egyptian and Syrian curricula. In addition to original video content, Nafham encourages crowd-teaching among students.

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Due to the insufficient learning that occurs in many Egyptian classrooms, even very poor families have turned to expensive, private tutoring. Nafham ("we understand" in Arabic) provides an alternative solution: students can access education in a free and simple way while getting excited about learning and supporting their peers.

Nafham is a free, online platform of educational video content based on the Egyptian curriculum for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. More than 10,000 videos currently cover about 75% of the national curriculum and include aggregated content, videos produced in-house, and crowd-sourced material, all sorted by grade, subject, and academic term. Nafham actively promotes its crowd-teaching model which allows anyone - student, parent, teacher - to submit a video explaining a lesson or problem.

Nafham recently expanded its content to include video lessons of the Syrian curriculum for children who are missing school but might have access to internet. 

Nafham also hosts a monthly competition to encourage peer education. Users earn points for uploading videos and additional points based on the quality of the instruction and visual components.

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