NeTT- The Necessary Teacher Training Programme

Uses a digital learning portal known as Digital DMM to increase the number of well-trained teachers in rural communities, blending online learning materials and innovative pedagogy with state-curricula training.

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The Necessary Teachers Training (NeTT) program is implemented by Humana People to People India. NeTT is a 2 years programme designed to increases the number of well-trained teachers in rural communities. It is developed for the pupil teachers attending District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) to gain their Diploma of Education (D.Ed.) certificate or Basic Teacing Certificate (BTC).

The Program has appointed 4 teacher educators at each DIET where it is being implemented. The teacher educators are not only Masters in Education (M.Ed.)  but also are are trained by the organization on the Doctrine of Modern Methodologies (DMM) - the NeTT pedagogy. These teacher educators implement the program along with DIET faculties through DMM.

The NeTT program delivers state curriculum on D.Ed./BTC through DMM. The entire curriculum is divided into Courses, Studies and Experiences, that not only give pupil teachers opportunity to attend classes where expert teachers deliver trainings, but also exposure to structured self studies and actions to gain hands on experience.

NeTT methodologies mix classroom- and out-of-classroom -activities with innovative assessment strategies to transform pupils into teachers well-equipped to teaching children living in rural areas.

Digital training methodology incorporating state-curricula and delivering improved learning outcomes to rural communities.Working in sync with and under government institutions and authorities - including insufficient human and material resources, implementing a uniform program in very different circumstances within and between different states.

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