New Education Highway

NEH partners with existing educational institutions to provide education technology hardware, software, and training to help improve students access to and quality of education.
2012Myanmar (Burma)

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NEH partners with existing educational institutions such as government schools, monastic schools, private not-for-profit schools, and village development committees to provide students with access to affordable, quality education. NEH provides its partners with NEH laptops equipped with the NEH Learning Interface 2.0; other hardware such as tablets, projectors, and speakers; training for teachers in how to teach NEH Certificate Courses and how to incorporate the NEH Learning Interface 2.0 into the classroom; and course materials.

In return, each NEH partner hosts a NEH Free Learning Center in their facilities. Their staff teaches at least one NEH Certificate Course per term and assists with monitoring and evaluation, and they place the NEH laptops in a public area thereby allowing students to freely use them when they are not being used to teach a NEH Certificate Course.

NEH's partnering organizations contribute heavily to the effective implementation of the NEH program, and are required to creatively incorporate the NEH interface into their learning communities - even outside of NEH Certificate Courses - be responsive and communicative in their relationship with NEH, and assist with monitoring and evaluation. Since the performance of partnering organizations is crucial to the success of the NEH program, all partnerships are constantly evaluated. NEH works closely with each organization to ensure that the program reaches its full potential in every community it serves.

To implement sustainable NEH courses, the team conducts a one-on-one intensive teacher training program to build autonomous local teachers.Building local autonomous teachers, open communication and collaboration, and culturally and linguistically appropriate curriculum.

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