Northern Uganda Literacy Program

Mango Tree is working in the Lango and Kumam language communities, with the goal of improving early primary literacy, both in the local language and English.

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Mango Tree works to improve early primary literacy through working in the local languages, Lango and Kuman, and English. The Northern Uganda Literacy Program (NULP) works in the following capacities:

Teacher training

Mango Tree and the NULP trains teachers in the basics of their local spelling and grammar system as well as a set of simple, effective teaching methods so that they can teach effectively and confidently in their own language. Teachers are trained during school holidays and are provided additional support through in-school monitoring and additional Saturday, in-service trainings.

Effective, affordable language instruction resources

NULP has written a teacher's guide that provides an outline for every language lesson. They have also provided primers and supplemental readers to every student. Materials are developed and printed locally.

Comprehensive lesson and classroom assessment model

In order to support the Ugandan Ministry of Education's curriculum, NULP has developed a continuous assessment monitoring program for teachers that aids them in measuring literacy competencies for their students. Through this monitoring system, teachers are able to measure their students' progress daily as well as from end-of-term grades. In addition to assessment monitoring, NULP has provided a literacy report card template for teachers to share with parents.

Community support for local language literacy

Community and parent advocacy programs have been established by NULP to garner understanding of Uganda's government policies regarding early primary literacy. Schools participating in NULP organize activities to educate parents and engage them in their children's education. In addition to advocacy events, NULP sponsors a weekly radio show and an annual literature event.


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