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One Moore Book (OMB) publishes culturally sensitive literary and artistic material for children from developing countries with low levels of literacy and underrepresented cultures.

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Founded in 2011, One Moore Book (OMB) seeks to enhance literacy in developing countries by publishing storybooks containing literary and artistic representations suited for children whose narratives are largely untold by the book publishing industry. Originally from Liberia, the founder of OMB, Wayetu Moore partnered with her siblings to develop a pilot series containing six books targeted towards primary school children in Liberia. Receiving a positive response from teachers, OMB decided to extend its coverage to Haiti and Guinea by establishing partnerships with authors and others who could connect the publishing house with schools and communities in developing countries.  OMB seeks mainly to cater to the learning goals of primary school children up to grade three.

Established as a for-profit book publishing company, OMB’s books are meant to serve as a creative learning aid for students from developing countries who are challenged by the unfamiliarity of foreign cultures and physical attributes that are most typically represented in children’s books. OMB features both celebrated as well as new and unknown authors who write on topics such as accountability and unity among others. The books are multilingual, with some published in English as well as in French and other native languages. Based in New York, OMB sells its books and e-books through an online portal. For every three books sold one book is donated to a school in a featured country. OMB has established non-profit partnerships with organizations such as LitWorld Organization, Friends of Liberia, and Guinée Espoir, to facilitate the distributions of donations in Haiti, Liberia, and Guinea respectively. So far the books have reached schools and community centers in Liberia and Haiti.

OMB is committed to changing dominant narratives fostered by the children’s book publishing industry and enhancing learning by adapting stories to suit cultures and contexts that resonate with children from developing countries.

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