OpenEMIS, is an Open Source Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on education systems. The OpenEMIS initiative aims to dramatically change access to data through open channels and transparency in the dissemination and use of disaggregated data from multiple sources for better decision-support.

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The OpenEMIS initiative was developed in response to an increasing demand for support in the area of educational planning and management. OpenEMIS contributes to the process of the building of a robust and reliable Education Management Information System (EMIS) and the strengthening of national capacities in the provision of reliable information for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of education systems. Through a partnership with Community Systems Foundation, the OpenEMIS initiative is backed by a strong technical support team equipped to assist countries with all aspects of country implementation. The OpenEMIS initiative aims to dramatically change access to data through open channels and transparency in the dissemination and use of disaggregated data from multiple sources for better decision-support, including sub-national data that can be used by communities to measure their own progress. The data innovations delivered by OpenEMIS can help to enable education planners to identify the most vulnerable individuals and to devise equitable and reliable education service delivery systems.  OpenEMIS aims to achieve a robust government-owned EMIS for better development outcomes through evidence-based decision support. The OpenEMIS initiative aims to make it easier to discover, analyze, and visualize meaningful relationships and patterns in education data sets, with the ultimate goal of improving planning, policy formulation and decision-making. OpenEMIS Refugees is a module designed to track school-age children in emergency situations.  This module is specifically designed to assist governments and donors in administering education relief programs in areas of conflict. At the national level, OpenEMIS includes features for assisting national education planners in monitoring the national education policy and its key performance indicators. At the school level, OpenEMIS helps teachers record and manage the achievement of students.  At the teacher level, the system helps monitor teacher professional development.

Implementation | Each implementation of OpenEMIS is unique. The OpenEMIS team extensively studies the implementing country’s national education framework and context which assures the tool is adapted to address their particular needs. Through a series of services including: policy and planning services, analytical services, software development, implementation and support services and most importantly training and capacity building, the OpenEMIS team designs a customized program. Specifically, the OpenEMIS team works in-country for three years to capacity build, followed by yearly training sessions, 24-hour technology support, and lessons via Skype for countries that need additional support. The designed program is intended to support the national strategy aiming to establish strong accountability, knowledge management, and legal frameworks within which educational institution stakeholders can operate to improve education institutions and increase successful outcomes for all learners.

Products | Furthermore, each OpenEMIS implementation is supported by a series of innovative products intended to support education stakeholders through every phase of the data chain. These products, OpenEMIS Survey, OpenEMIS School, OpenEMIS Classroom, OpenEMIS Core, OpenEMIS Analyzer, and OpenEMIS Visualizer seek to facilitate data capture, data management and data analysis. The overall objective of the initiative is to improve access to, and use of, timely and reliable information on education for improved evidence-based decision-making, policy formulation, management, and monitoring and evaluation of national education system.

The OpenEMIS initiative deploys a high-quality, royalty-free Education Management Information System (EMIS) to collect and report data on schools, students, teachers and staff.Challenges for implementation include poor connectivity, low computer literacy, expensive and inadequate legacy systems, and a lack of awareness of our technology solutions.

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