ORT SA CAPE addresses critical educational challenges in impoverished schools in the Western Cape, focusing on technology, mathematics, and literacy, through a comprehensive set of programs including teacher training, research, and after school programs.
1994South Africa

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Western CapeCape Town, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and WellingtonPeri-Urban, Rural, Urban

The ORT SA CAPE Innovators in Education program supports preschool, primary and junior high schools in disadvantaged communities. This includes literacy and problem solving programs for learners to develop gross and fine motor skills, and teacher training and support to empower teachers to adopt a professional approach in the classroom and improve learner performance.

ORT SA CAPE's strategy to improve the skills of educators includes:

  • Fostering professional learning communities for educators in the rural areas of Western Cape to improve Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) implementation, learner performance, and to encourage joint problem-solving.
  • Facilitating and funding Skills Education Training Authorities (SETA) accredited Grade R Teacher Training courses to offer better job opportunities for trained teachers, and to improve the overall quality of education.
  • Offering specific targeted support for teachers to cater to individual circumstances.
  • Engaging in research on teachers through monitoring and evaluation, in order to identify and analyze challenges and devise solutions.

ORT SA CAPE's strategy to improve the skills of learners includes:

  • Facilitating a Constructive After-School Program for EnRichment (CASPER) in rural areas of Western Cape, providing supplementary learning opportunities for students in the areas of Technology, Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Providing supervised reading groups, which employ the buddy system, to improve confidence and literacy in all subjects.
  • Organizing robotics extramurals and workshops, to encourage group communication and improvement in visual memory, concentration, mathematics and science strategies and problem solving.
  • Advancing research on learners' assessments to identify and address areas of need.

The overall vision of the ORT SA CAPE's Innovators in Education program is to design and demonstrate a long term strategy for education from birth to fifteen years old, for quality performance of learners in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, through Robotics and Literacy, that can serve as a basis for advocacy and for implementation.

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