Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is one of a very limited number of non-state and non-fee paying primary schools offering academic and rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired children in Nigeria.

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Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is a fully residential, special needs school established to cater for blind and visually impaired youth, most of whom face significant academic and psychosocial challenges. The school is an initiative of a former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Leo Hale Taylor, and was officially opened on June 16 1962 following permission granted by the Nigerian Government for the establishment of a special school for the education of the visually impaired. Since its establishment, Pacelli has maintained a policy of maintaining its non-governmental and non-fee paying status. Despite the economic challenges the country has gone through in the over the decades - which have seen several government schools turned into fee-paying institutions - Pacelli continues to fund their students' education, maintain their facilities, and provide for the welfare of the learners. This is achieved through the support of the Catholic Church, individuals, religious groups, and corporate organizations.

The school is committed to its goal of producing graduate students who are independent, disciplined, talented, and academically oriented, and who are able to overcome challenges of life to advance in any field. It is committed to giving students access to the latest technological equipment needed to develop themselves to their fullest potential. The Pacelli School uses the comprehensive curriculum for basic education and runs the regular school calendar of three terms in one academic year.  Graduates of Pacelli have gone on to become productive citizens, excelling in fields such Fine Art and Music.  Several have progressed to secondary and tertiary institutions. The school has produced teachers, lawyers, bankers, musicians, professors, journalists, business managers, who have competitively proven their worth in the wider society.

In addition to providing better opportunities to its own students, the Pacelli School supports visually impaired students from other primary, secondary schools, and tertiary institutions across Nigeria.  This is done by making Pacelli facilities available for their use. The school runs a one-year rehabilitation program for them to help them adjust to life with their disability.  The participants are offered courses like Braille reading and writing, daily living skills, art and crafts, music, orientation and mobility. There is also the reception center where new enrollees are prepared and evaluated for a year or two after which they are moved to formal classes at the primary level.

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