Parikrma Humanity Foundation

Parikrma's four schools use a model of "end-to-end" assistance to support students from severely underprivileged backgrounds in Bangalore by providing high-quality K-12 education supplemented by healthcare, family support services, scholarships for higher education, and career mentorship.

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Parikrma runs 4 schools for over 1700 children from the slums of Bangalore. Children who attend are otherwise unlikely to attend school, with parents who are typically illiterate, working in daily labor jobs, with a salary of about USD100 per month.

Parikrma schools run from Kindergarten to Class 12, providing a strong academic curriculum that emphasizes English language proficiency and co-curricular activities such as sports, music and art. Parikrma’ s 360-degree development model covers every aspect of the child’s life, including nutrition, comprehensive healthcare, and family care. As an end-to-end model, Parikrma looks after children from kindergarten until completion of a professional degree leading to a job. The organization also works with organizations and institutions to provide college scholarships to deserving children.  

Over the last 13 years, Parikrma schools have recorded 96% attendance and dropout rates of less than 1%, significantly better than most government run schools.  In 2016, 95% students passed the Grade 10 exam, while 80% passed the Grade 12 exam, many with First Class and distinctions. More than 50 of Parikrma’s recent graduates are now attending university, pursuing degrees including commerce, science, engineering, law and hotel management.

Teachers are passionate and well-trained. They are part of the British Council Global School Exchange Program and have travelled to schools in the UK as part of their training. Senior academicians act as Quality Managers in junior, middle and senior schools, responsible for confirming that teachers deliver lessons in a manner which ensures that every child has learnt the concepts being taught before moving on.

A lot of importance is also given to students' families, to ensure that children go back to a safe and healthy environment.  A robust Community Development Program is in place that includes activities such as domestic violence counseling,  de-addiction camps, health camps, and financial awareness camps.

The Parikrma model, while keeping the child at its center, works in a 360 degree circle around the child as well, giving them not only top class education, but also nutrition, healthcare, and support for parents to ensure a healthy home environment.Getting the right people (staff) keeping with a global, liberal outlook; Conflict between school and home environment for kids; Low societal expectations of the children influence their self-esteem

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