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Passerelles Numeriques provides combined training in IT skills, English language, and soft skills in its own centers and through partnerships with local universities -- all with the goal of connecting students with skilled employment in ICT jobs upon graduating.

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Passerelles Numeriques (PN) takes a holistic approach to providing IT training for underprivileged youth. PN delivers a 2-year course of technical and practical training to teach students IT skills that are focused on employability. The curriculum is continuously updated in order to meet market demand and employers’ needs. In addition to technical IT training, PN provides students with general business training, including in English language, soft skills, and “professional life” (e.g. general business knowledge, professional behavioral skills etc.) PN complements its IT and business skills training with two other components to its programs: student support as well as career guidance. As the majority of PN students come from rural and economically vulnerable areas, PN provides its students with resources such as housing, financial support, medical care, health insurance, bicycles for transport, and learning materials throughout the training period. Similarly, students receive mentorship and counseling throughout the program. PN provides its students with career guidance and assists them with finding internships and jobs through what is known as the Company Office department. PN works closely with its alumni network and its partner companies in order to provide career guidance and employment opportunities to its students.

In Cambodia, PN’s founding location, PN runs its own center and has developed its own curriculum that is recognized by the government as being equivalent to a university degree. It provides a 2-year training to become an IT technician in System and Network Administration or Web Programming. PN also collaborates with Digital Divide Data in Cambodia to deliver a 6-month training program in Data Management Operation. In Vietnam and the Philippines, PN partners with local universities (University of Danang in Vietnam and University of San Carlos in the Philippines) to deliver its IT training programs. PN employs a rigorous selection process for its students. Following information sessions regarding PN’s training programs, student applicants are required to sit written exams in mathematics, logic, and English, in addition to going through an individual interview with PN staff to assess their maturity and motivation level. Finally, PN conducts interviews to determine students’ socio-economic status and to ensure that the most under-privileged students are admitted.

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