Penreach Whole School Development Program

Penreach is a holistic school development program, working in under-resourced schools in rural communities, through a variety of interventions stretching from birth to post-secondary school.
1991South Africa

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MpumalangaNelspruit, Barbeton and Bushbuck RidgePeri-Urban, Rural

The Penreach Whole School Development Program is an holistic educational program, covering all aspects of children's education from birth to post matric. The program's goal is to work towards education excellence and to improve the quality and accessibility of education in under-resourced rural communities. It does so by providing support and training to educators, parents and students. 

Teachers in the ECD Phase, the Foundation Phase, the Primary and InterSen Phase and the FET Phase, are offered ongoing training, daily visits to schools by experienced field workers, workshops and qualifications to improve their skills in the classroom. This includes programs that foster leadership development, as well as mentioring for school principals. In partnership with other NGO's and organizations, Penreach also supplied learners with a variety of resources, as well as infrastucture, needed for better quality education and an improvement in performance. Parents and members of the community are also provided with training, on topics such as parenting skills, and encouraged to become actively involved in their children's education through workshops and extramural programs. 

In addition to their training support, Penreach has built the Shalamuka Science Discovery Centre, which includes interactive exhibits, laboratories, an auditorium, and a design and technology workshop. This centre is recognized as part of the Department of Science and Technology's national network of Discovery Centres, and provides unique new learning environment for learners. 

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