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Read India, Pratham’s flagship program, strives to improve children's learning levels which (based on studies conducted by the ASER Centre) were found to be strikingly low. It primarily aims to improve the reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills of the children in the age group of 6-14 years.

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DeliveryPratham Education FoundationPrimaryLower secondary

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19 states of IndiaHyderbad and VishakapatnamPeri-Urban, Rural

Pratham launched the nationwide “Read India” program in 2007, with an objective that all children in India should be able to read, write and do basic maths. The focus of Read India in Phase I (2007-10) was to work on scale across India in partnership with communities and governments. In Phase II (2010-2013) Pratham consolidated its work by developing effective models (e.g learning camps) for improving learning and creating demonstration blocks (clusters of 100 villages each) in many states. In the third phase of Read India (2013-2016), the proposed strategy builds on past experiences. Three interlinked activities are proposed: first, to systematically experiment with “building models” - different models of instructional practice and delivery. Second, to implement these models in demonstration areas (blocks) for showing how learning can be impacted (e.g. “depth” models and “spread” models to be used).  Third, to actively collaborate and work in partnership with governments to mainstream teaching methods and materials to impact large scale change in children’s learning levels.

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