Prikkle Academy Collaborative Community Program

Prikkle Academy's Collaborative Community program engages rural Nigerian youth and young adults in an intensive training that helps them realize their full potential and develop sustainable social solutions for their communities.

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Benue State, Kwara StateVandeikya, AfonPeri-Urban, Rural

Prikkle Academy’s Collaborative Community (CC) Program works in rural Nigeria to help rural out-of-school youth and young adults identify their personal and community strengths and their community potentials, then mobilze these assets into sustainable social solutions. 

The program first guides participants through an intensive 3-month boot camp of non-traditional, collaborative learning. Each cohort of students works through facilitator-led training modules based on the asset-based community development (ABCD) approach. Next, participants are paired with community or virtual mentors for a 1-month project development phase.  Youth have access to innovative educational resources to start a project as individuals or as a team. Projects are aimed at solving a personal, household or community problem- recent projects have included innovative cooking methods and repurposing of local waste materials for as school furniture.

The CC program is designed to put into the hands of young community members the tools that will help them to offer solutions to community problems long after the end of the 4-month program.  Prikkle Academy is convinced of the value of lifelong learning, and the post-program phase is lifelong learning and sharing between Prikkle Academy and the host community.


We use the asset-based approach of transforming community education into social solutions by breaking all the barriers to education such as race, religion, age, financial status or educational qualification.

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