Reading Eggs

Assist students in Grades R-6 (informal and formal learning environments) achieve English literacy proficiency, using technology, at an age-appropriate level.
2012South Africa

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Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Western CapePeri-Urban, Rural, Urban

Reading Eggs(RE) aims to address the gaps in foundation phase literacy through an online, phonetic-based program that provides visual and auditory instruction with reading games, activities, songs, animation and rewards. Repetition, revision and consolidation of skills are employed and the progress within the program is individualized to suit each student’s pace.

The Click Foundation identifies schools with the necessary infrastructure to host the program (computers and connectivity); a commitment to at least 2 x 30 minute sessions per week on Reading Eggs; a member of staff willing to champion the program and a collaborative approach. The school is supported to upgrade connectivity. Log-ins for all students and teachers are provided, as well as training of facilitators, teachers and projects managers with continued mentoring from the foundation. The environments are coordinated and managed by existing staff or local facilitators specifically employed (by partners) for this role. The role has been a job creation opportunity for out-of-work youth who have displayed an interest in technology and in working with their local communities.

Reading Eggs can back-fill gaps and it requires only basic facilitation. Where possible, the programme has leveraged existing unused, or under-utilised computer rooms.

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