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Reading Together is a television program that aims to promote positive reading habits among children and families.

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Reading Together is a television program that encourages families to read with children.  The program was developed as part of the Aga Khan Foundation’s Reading for Children initiative in partnership with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Public Television and Radio Corporation (PTRC).  Reading Together aims to show contestants and audience members the benefits of reading with children, increase communication between parents and their children and encourage positive behaviors through reading.

The program airs a new episode every week.  An advertisement with a list of questions is broadcast on PTRC during each Reading Together episode and families are invited to send answers by SMS.  The questions inquire about the content of three children’s stories to be explored in the upcoming episode. Families who answer all questions correctly may be chosen for participation the following week.  Reading Together ensures that all children are able to participate by reimbursing families’ transportation costs.  The program considers gender and geographical location when choosing participants.

Each episode focuses on a theme from children's literature which is explored through a number of short program segments, including an interview of participating families and children and interactive challenges where children must incorporate the information from the three stories. Activities on the show encourage participants to use both creativity and critical thinking skills.  The winning team is awarded with Reading Together medals and children's books.

Following the launch of this program, teachers have begun conducting school-based Reading Together events in which students participate in competitions modeled after the television program.  The events have become a fun opportunity to promote reading and involve parents in children’s education.

The Reading Together program is encouraging a culture of reading by integrating reading habits into popular entertainment.Reading Together faces difficulties in transporting program participants from especially remote locations to the program’s set, in Bishkek. Securing equipment and supplies for filming is a key challenge as well.

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