Rescue Dada Centre

The Rescue Dada rehabilitation center is located and operates in Nairobi and aims to reunite girls who have been living on the streets with their families. The center provides basic education, a secondary school sponsorship program, an empowerment program for mothers, life skills training, and counseling.

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The Rescue Dada Centre reunites street girls with their families and provides counseling, life skills training, basic education, and livelihood support. Just recently they started a secondary school sponsorship program and an empowerment program for mothers. 

Social workers visit the girls' families to learn why the girls left home and then identify a suitable caregiver/guardian for the girl after she completes Rescue Dada's Rehabilitation Program.  At the center, girls are taught life skills and receive counseling and informal education so they are prepared to enroll in school once they are reunited with their families.

According to the social worker’s assessment, Rescue Dada may provide small business loans to families along with business advice or support to build a small house. The girls’ mothers are offered vocational training. If the girls have been abused, the social workers search for alternative guardians such as relatives or long-term foster care-givers who are registered with the Children's Department.

After the girls are reunited with their guardians, Rescue Dada enrolls the girls in formal school and provides them with a basic reintegration package including clothes, school supplies, and a uniform. Rescue Dada has a secondary school sponsorship program that pays for school fees, uniforms, and stationary. The center also organizes study skills workshops and information on jobs after the girls have received their Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education. The sponsorship program is funded by individual and group donors. The center remains in contact with the girls for at least two years after the girls have left Rescue Dada. 

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