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Ripple Reading uses specialist retired teachers and university students to support and empower children from the impoverished areas in Johannesburg.
2016South Africa

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Ripple Reading is a registered Non-profit Company in South Africa which focuses on teaching children to read with an understanding of children within disadvantaged communities. Their model prioritizes social development and reading comprehension.

As many as 61% of grade 3 children do not have age appropriate reading skills, which means that they are 4 x more likely to drop out of school than proficient readers. Currently, South Africa has a dropout rate of more than 50%. The education system is simply unable to support struggling readers in the foundation phase.

The program employs specialist, retired teachers and pair them with students studying teaching. Together they implement Ripple Reading's program to groups of maximum 10 children, during school hours.

Ripple Reading assists disadvantaged schools by providing literacy training to identified children who are reading below their age appropriate level. Remedial intervention is provided to small groups of learners in a safe and pleasant environment. The program is based on using all learning modalities with emphasis on visual, auditory and tactile perceptual development. The focus is always on the individual learner’s strengths while also developing their weaknesses.

The Ripple Approach:

  • - Care for the child first as part of the community.
  • - Be genuine contributors to society, through sustainable programms of action, societal engagement and upliftment.
  • - Create a supportive relationship with beneficiaries.
  • - Commitment to ensure accountability and transparency in all decision making processes.
  • - Instill a feeling of individual self-worth by teaching and developing skills, self-sufficiency and personal pride.
  • - Foster a spirit of empowerment, rather than one of entitlement.
  • - Self-respect by building self-reliance and a better self-image.

Who we work with: