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The Rising Academy Network is a growing network of affordable, high quality Junior Secondary Schools in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
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Rising Academies is a growing network of schools in West Africa. Founded in Sierra Leone in 2014, it provided emergency education to children kept out of school by the Ebola Epidemic before opening its first school in April 2015. It now runs 29 government schools in rural Liberia under the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative, and 10 non-selective private schools in Sierra Leone serving families looking for a high quality education at an affordable cost.

Its mission is to unleash the full potential of every student, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and character to succeed in further study, work, and day-to-day life.

To achieve this, RAN's approach brings together complementary innovations proven to raise standards of teaching and learning. Key features of this approach include:

  • - A school culture and ethos that encourages a growth mindset and celebrates the potential of every student to succeed;
  • - Hand-picked teachers, carefully selected through a rigorous screening process;
  • - Intensive pre- and in-service training with a strong practical component and an emphasis on rapidly improving core pedagogical techniques;
  • - On-going teacher coaching and professional development through lesson observation, real-time feedback and role modelling by a Master Teacher in each school;
  • - Detailed teaching guides specifically developed by international experts for every lesson;
  • - A longer school day with the timetable weighted to allow greater focus on literacy and numeracy as the foundations for learning;
  • - A curriculum that elevates the speaking of English to sit alongside reading and writing as a fundamental skill;
  • - Careful monitoring and oversight through routine data collection and regular in-person visits.

Because RAN does not select students on the basis of test scores, it has a mixed ability intake and focuses on enabling every child to fulfil their potential regardless of their starting point. Independent evaluations in Sierra Leone and Liberia have found that Rising students make 2 to 3 times as much progress in reading and numeracy every year as their peers in other schools.

Using complementary investments in teacher recruitment, pre- and in-service teacher training, curriculum design, lesson guides, data collection and school operations to provide an affordable, high quality education to students.

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