School of Hope

School of Hope is a registered special-needs school that provides hope through education for at risk and vulnerable youth.
1999South Africa

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Western CapeCape TownPeri-Urban, Urban

Though the Western Cape is home to many of South Africa's most prestigious schools, it has a staggering dropout rate of over 50%. Located in a community with a particularly high prevalence of out of school children, School of Hope is a registered special-needs secondary school that accepts students of all ages and backgrounds.

There is no requirement of an entrance exam, only the prerequisite that students demonstrate a willingness to learn. The student population includes former street children, rehabilitated drug addicts, and children from abusive, neglectful homes. Some are in need of a nurturing, family-like environment in order to complete school successfully and come from childcare institutions and group homes for older youth. As a result of all or some of these factors, these young people have missed a substantial amount of their education and may be anywhere from six months up to three years older than the other students in their corresponding grade.

School of Hope operates on a typical school day, but the class sizes are limited to 15-25 students per class, significantly smaller than mainstream schooling, which allows for more targeted attention. Recognizing the diversity of learning levels, School of Hope provides individualized support to help each student graduate from grade 12. In addition, the school also offers support groups to parents and involves them in learning interventions specific to their child's needs. Finally, the school includes a full nutrition program to provide both breakfast and lunch.

School of Hope is currently able to accommodate 120 learners in classes from grades 8-12.

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