SOLE in a Box

SOLE in a Box provides schools across South Africa with crowdfunded kits that allow students to guide their own learning by using the internet to answer "big questions" and develop IT skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship.
2017South Africa

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SOLE in a Box is the flagship initiative of Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) South Africa. The idea behind SOLE is that anyone can spark creativity in a child by asking them to explore a "big question" using the internet and collaborating with other children. In the SOLE model, teachers are facilitators, and they guide students through the process of exploring new ideas using technology.

Any school can set up a SOLE Lab with no financial commitment, and the organization then helps crowdfund a SOLE in a Box “kit” that includes necessary materials for a school to use the methodology. Each toolkit includes:

- 10 Tablets to equip a SOLE Lab for inquiry focused learning sessions;
- An annual WiFi / Cell contract(s) for instant connectivity to the web;
- Access to a dedicated SOLE Mentor to give teachers guidance on their new role
- Membership to the SOLE South Africa platform and an individual group on the platform

Once the toolkit has been delivered, mentors help teachers learn how to best facilitate SOLEs and provide ongoing support. As of Spring 2017, the SOLE in a Box program had just been launched, and the program aims to support SOLE Labs around South Africa to encourage IT skills, entrepreneurship, creativity, teamwork, and empathy among students around the country.

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