SoukTel SMS/Audio Quizzes and Feedback Service

SoukTel SMS/Audio Quizzes and Feedback Service offers customized text messaging and audio services to education stakeholders throughout the developing world. It seeks to improve instructions and learning outcomes by enhancing communication.
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The SoukTel SMS/Audio Quizzes and Feedback Service is a two-way messaging service that facilitates a wide variety of educational purposes. It is a simple approach that allows school and local level managers to prioritize, collect, analyze, and use key education-related data at the school level to improve instruction and learning outcomes. SMS quizzes and contests can help reach students outside of the classroom and increase their motivation to learn. In addition, quiz results can be available to partner staff in real-time via a customized web reporting interface. By providing real-time feedback on each student’s progress, this feature increases clients’ ability to monitor the effectiveness of its programming.

Use Case:

  • Somalia Youth Livelihoods Program | Since late 2008, SoukTel has supported EDC's Somali Youth Livelihoods Program, delivering SMS and touchstone audio quizzes that test students’ knowledge of classroom concepts related to financial literacy and job readiness. EDC staff monitor the results and use the data to make program curriculum decisions.  SoukTel’s two-way messaging platform also facilitates the planning and evaluation of teacher trainings through attendance reminder alerts, logistical planning surveys, and real-time feedback polls for teacher trainees.  


SoukTel’s Unique Features:

  • System Management from Web or Phone | SoukTel's customized messaging platform enables partner staff to send alerts and initiate surveys from a secure web interface or authorized mobile phones—facilitating program management from the field.  Staff do not need Internet or land line phones in order to manage the system.
  • Flexible and Scalable | SoukTel's current system can be used among small groups or large beneficiary cohorts with no additional adaptation needed. Messages can be purchased on a “pay as you go” basis, with no fixed contract obligations, minimum purchase requirements, or expiration dates.
  • Advanced Message Send-Out Options | Customized features enable partner staff to create alerts in advance, and then program them for send-out at a later time/date (and/or on a repeating basis). Alert messages can also be sent to multiple recipient groups at the same time—enabling large-scale messaging campaigns to be launched at the touch of a button. 
  • Fully Customized and Integrated | SoukTel's messaging systems meet partner’s exact specifications—including custom logo/branding features, user interfaces/manuals, and integration into other partner websites/databases.
  • Multi-lingual | Messages sent by SoukTel's system can be written in any language (French, English, mother tongues, etc.) and SoukTel's platform can be translated into any language. 

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