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The Stand Tall Training Center provides education and training to children in Kampala who are unable to afford the cost of formal schooling, employing an innovative curriculum that articulates traditional academic subjects with life skills, entrepreneurship and vocational training.

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The Stand Tall Training Center is an independent school operated by Stand Tall Education Network in Kampala, Uganda. The school provides free education and training to children ages 9-17 whose parents are unable to afford government school fees. The curriculum employed at the school is an innovative articulation between traditional academic work, in line with the Uganda national curriculum, and vocational skill development in areas such as raising livestock, agriculture, handicrafts, and other practical livelihood areas. Through the primary school levels, the focus is on developing basic literacy and maths. Following the completion of primary level 7, Stand Tall provides two options for students: an academic course that will provide a pathway to secondary school and a vocational course that will develop entrepreneurial skills and/or place students in a variety of apprenticeships. 

Teaching methods focus on the development of soft skills such as confidence building, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving. Teachers at the training center are trained to adopt interesting and interactive teaching methods such as group work, brainstorming, games, tasks, drama, art, debates and music to foster independent thinking and creativity. The school also actively engages the parent community, encouraging learning to be supported at home. Many of the school's activities, such as raising livestock and keeping a fruits and vegetable garden, serve both to build livelihood skills as well as to increase the school's self-sustainability. 

In 2012, the Stand Tall Training Center was the Global Winner for the Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge for best business plan, for a chicken and egg business developed by students at the center.

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