Strengthening the implementation of the New Secondary School Curriculum for girls' secondary schools in Jigawa and Kano states

This project is aimed strengthening the implementation of the new senior secondary education curriculum such that girls in the northern states of Jigawa and Kano receive quality education and are supported to remain in school.

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Kano and Jigawa statesJigawa, KanoPeri-Urban, Rural, Urban

development Research and Project Centre (dRPC) is leveraging the opportunity of reforms to the national secondary school education curriculum to improve the performance of 3,600 Northern Nigerian girls’ in livelihood subjects.  The program is adopting several strategies, including mentoring, to change attitudes that parents, teachers, and secondary school girls have about the relevance of secondary school education. The new secondary education curriculum offers girls the opportunity to learn about their rights through civic education, which has become a compulsory subject.  Students also have the opportunity to acquire income-generating skills through new technical subjects on offer.

The project views 3 stakeholder groups (education administrators, teachers, and community school based management committees ) as crucial to its success, and supports them by offering capacity development and knowledge sharing opportunities to enable them to effectively deliver empowerment subjects in the new senior secondary curriculum.

Emphasis is being placed on supporting transition to and retention in secondary education for girls, 21st century skills relevant to life and labor markets, use of education technologies, and open educational resources. The project will be implemented through a counseling and career development program, a mobile library unit, and mentoring visits. The project also encompasses teacher training. 

The first set of beneficiaries is public school girls in Kano and Jigawa states. They were selected based on results of background studies and the guidance of the Federal Ministry of Education.

dRPC is a social enterprise which started as a consultancy specializing in carrying out baseline research for other organizations. They are currently involved in research for policy implementation in education, public (reproductive) health and community development. 

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