Student Sponsorship Programme

SSP works to close South Africa's income gap by financing low-income secondary school students to attend a top secondary school, and through a student and family support program to ensure that students will succeed in their new environment.
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In a country with severe income disparities, SSP narrows the income gap through broad outreach as well as intensive support and school funding.  Each SSP program provides students with the opportunity to fulfill their potential and break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families, and their communities.  Through the only online database of tertiary funding opportunities in South Africa, SSP has its broadest impact - all South African secondary and tertiary students.  Through partnerships with over 50 community organizations, SSP provides educational programs, leadership development, and secondary school success training to thousands of low income students and their families.  SSP works with other South African scholarship programs to help them implement the core aspects of SSP’s wrap-around support program for their students.

At the deepest level of impact, SSP provides secondary school funding and a significant wrap-around support program to hundreds of high potential, low income students each year.  Becoming an SSP Scholar includes five years of tuition at one of South Africa's top public or private secondary schools, towards which the partner school and parents (when possible) also contribute.  The cost of tuition alone is R100,000 per year, while the average household income of an SSP family is R150,000, and a third of families make less than R60,000.  The wrap-around support program is designed to help both Scholars and their families adjust to and succeed in their new and challenging school environment.  Support for Scholars includes an orientation camp, pairing with a successful adult mentor, annual academic camps and ongoing tutoring, course selection preparation, and a dedicated SSP program officer to help guide the child and family.  Parents/guardians have their own orientation camp and continue to attend workshops several times a year.  Scholars also receive university preparation in grades 11 and 12.  

At every level of impact, SSP empowers low income students to take control of their education and their future success, and helps families and communities get the necessary tools to support their children.The biggest challenge is recruiting Scholars who are among the neediest financially but also academically prepared to attend a top public or private secondary school.

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