talkUBUNTU is a project-driven social media learning enterprise designed to build creative partnerships between schools, the business-industrial sector, as well as civil society
2016South Africa

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The program is essentially aimed at secondary and high schools throughout the African continent, with its initial focus on South Africa. The program is based on a social media learning platform and aims to facilitate and promote collaboration between schools across the African continent (Cross Cultural Learning). 
The focus of the program is life orientation, career development, and cross cultural learning and is closely linked to the host-own curriculum. These three subjects are integrated into a singular program designed to support the personal, social, and professional development of the student. 
The program is based on three essential questions: 1. Who am I? 2. What are my talents and abilities? 3. What are my future ideals?
Based on these questions the program invites the student to 'explore the world.' This exploration takes place within the context of the program's focal points, assisted and guided by the school's own teachers, mentors, and counselors and in collaboration with the local business and industrial community as well as civil society. 
The program is internet-based and integrated into the school's curriculum. The program supports the general education and development of the student and runs throughout the school year.
The goal of the program is to help students to make motivated study and career choices, and to help them to find answers to the many personal and social questions and dilemmas they face during their maturation year. The program helps students to prepare themselves for "the big world" through exploration, discovery and learning "in the spirit of Ubuntu.”

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