Tangerine is an open-source software application for mobile devices that improves data collection and analysis for early grade reading and math assessments.

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Tangerine is an open-source, browser-based, offline application that simplifies and improves the quality of data collection and analysis for Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA) and Early Grade Math Assessments (EGMA).

Tangerine is easy to use and compatible with a number of mobile devices and local languages. The application uses open source libraries (such as CouchDB and JQuery) and requires limited internet access only when saving assessments and uploading results to the server. RTI International manages a central database of information and makes the source code available for anyone to use, modify and manage on their own server if they choose. In addition to measuring students' reading and math skills, Tangerine can be used for questionnaires and surveys for students, parents, teachers, and principals as well as school and classroom inventories.

Tangerine maximizes cost efficiency by saving paper, field work, and time and is equipped with validation and quality assurance features so assessors can concentrate more on the results and less on the data collection process. Tangerine provides consistent and reliable data with fewer measurement and data errors normally caused by human error. Test scoring and reporting take a fraction of the time so schools and policymakers can have immediate access to the data and respond effectively to the needs of their students.


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