Teach the Teacher Program

The Teach the Teacher Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, provides training for Cambodian teachers through workshops delivered with assistance from volunteer Australian teachers; mentoring programs that provide continuing in-class support for teachers from Cambodian peer leaders trained by local staff; and relevant teaching resources.

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Battambang and Siem Riep ProvincesBattambang: Ek Phnom & Baval Districts; Siem Riep: Angkor Thom & Puok DistrictRural

Teach the Teacher is the principal program in the SeeBeyondBorders’ holistic approach to provide Cambodian children with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Complemented by the Better Schools and Getting to School programs, Teach the Teacher places an emphasis on the ‘quality’ of education in Cambodia through improving the professional knowledge and teaching practice of primary school teachers in rural areas. 

Typically SeeBeyondBorders will work with approximately 100 Cambodian teachers in a district under one project. The teachers are generally in the training component of the Teach the Teacher program for three years and take part in a sequential series of workshops. The sequencing of workshops ensures that all participants have the opportunity to be part of a program that is - on going, progressively builds on participants’ knowledge and skills, and offers participants a supportive, mentored professional development opportunity. It also means that the program is both practical and sustainable.

Program Focus Areas

Teacher Training Workshops | The teacher training workshops are delivered by volunteer Australian teachers and model sound pedagogical practice (e.g. effective questioning, classroom organization and management, clearly outlining objectives etc.) as well as providing explicit instruction about teaching tasks and activities. These workshops incorporate the elements identified by MoEYS as crucial to effective teaching and learning. Teachers are also taught essential math skills and knowledge, and are given opportunities to experience and teach the activities themselves so that they are confident in their own skills and can identify problems that their students may be encountering. 

In-class Mentoring | The mentoring component of the program is the key to success for the Teach the Teacher program. Ongoing, in-class, peer-to-peer mentoring is provided to each Cambodian teacher in the program on a fortnightly basis by those that have been further trained as mentors through the program. 

Classroom Resources | All teachers in the program are issued with the appropriate teaching resources that allow them to put into practice the activities they have learned during the workshops. The resources are designed to complement the activities in the SeeBeyondBorders’ resource manuals and are manufactured and produced in Cambodia by a Cambodian printing company. 


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