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The Teachers Resource Center designs and develops teaching and learning materials that are tropicalized and readily available, providing solutions for learning problems. Schools are able to buy these materials and receive a training session on how to best utilize them.

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The Teachers Resource Center was borne of the need to offer tropic specific, easily accessible and affordable teaching and learning materials at ECD level. Research also indicated that interactive learning was more effective and teaching concretely made a huge difference to student learning. These materials are designed and developed at a local workshop and then sold to schools that pre order from a list of items available. The company has a value add service once a school purchases materials, which is to offer a demonstration to the teachers to ensure that the materials are effectively and efficiently utilized (materials range in price from $2-$45).

Through sales to schools, another need was identified by the company, which was that some schools that were unable to afford the materials, but needed support in provision of teaching and learning materials. The education consultants began to offer a one-day workshop that educates these teachers on design and development of the materials using readily available materials, which they can make on their own (maximum classes of twenty). They also educate on the importance of interaction, layout of classrooms and how to use learning materials, as some teachers may be unaware but afraid to vocalize for fear of losing their jobs. Head teachers and administrators from schools are able to pool resources to pay the consultancy fee, which is approximately $300 and the company gathers research on the needs of the schools prior to the workshop. This is to ensure that the information disseminated is relevant and can be effectively translated.

The key areas identified that are a challenge to teachers at this level include that schools are run as businesses and therefore do not always have an educationalist at the helm to prioritize development over revenue, the lack of teacher mentors for young teachers and lack of information/materials to ensure parental engagement. These are issues that the company aims to address in the workshops as well as training in learning materials.  Through networking the company hope to be able to secure funding and partnerships to develop more materials that target parents and public schools.

Key challenges include convincing schools of the importance of learning and teaching materials and not having a workshop dedicated to developing the materials The program designs and develops teaching aides and materials from research and that are topic specific.

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