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SEC has adapted the local government curriculum for use on digital interactive whiteboards, which have been installed at government schools in Punjab. The program trains teachers to use these during regular classroom teaching to enhance learning achievements and the overall quality of education.

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School supportSocio Engineering Consultants (SEC)Educational TechnologyUpper secondary

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PunjabMianwaliPeri-Urban, Rural

This program aims to improve learning outcomes and the quality of education by creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment; through bringing interactive whiteboard (IWB) technology to the classroom.

Interactive content has been created and aligned with the government curriculum. Subject specialists, hired by SEC, were assigned a subject each (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math) to translate from English to Urdu; and to compile workbooks for learning support in each subject.

The lessons are multimedia in nature and include teacher notes, student materials, and question banks which can be used in conjunction with other learning tools. Projectors display the lessons on the IWB which is designed as a large touch-screen. The teachers used ‘active pens’ to highlight content on the IWB, through which they can maneuver information and data on the board. 

The program methodology includes various steps through which the expected outcomes are to be achieved, including; a baseline survey, installation of the Interactive White Boards (IWBs), translation of learning content, teachers training, and an impact assessment.

The IWB is designed to ensure that the benefits of the technology can be rapidly enjoyed by students and teachers alike. To make this process more effective, a comprehensive range of training materials has been developed to provide teachers an orientation on how to use all the essential features of the technology and to maximize its value and impact. 


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