Thandulwazi-Rokunda Teacher Development

Practical up-skilling workshops for teachers currently working in under-resourced schools serving previously disadvantaged communities. Workshops focus on core areas of learning and skills development, as well as leadership training for principals and aspirant leaders.
2006South Africa

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GautengRural, Urban

The Thandulwazi-Rokunda Teacher Development program provides professional development and skills training to teachers working in disadvantaged areas. The series of eleven workshops occur on Saturday mornings, led by experienced teachers who are experts in their fields. The program is facilitated by teachers working daily with the curriculum and students, those who can pass on techniques or strategies that work and provide tips that can be utilized in a typical classroom. The first two sessions focus on learning strategies and teaching skills. Workshop learning areas include Numeracy and Literacy in the Foundation Phase, as well as Mathematics, Science and Technology in Intermediate and Senior Phase. The teachers participating in the workshops are given teaching materials, registration and log-in details for Mathletics and flash-drives loaded with educational resources.  

In additions to teachers, headmasters and principals are also invited to attend workshops that provide them with leadership skills training and focus on topics such as: budgeting; strategic planning; how to deal with bullying; "Investing in Excellence" and more. Importantly, transportation to workshops is provided.


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