Transformative Mathematics Programme (TMP) and Transformative Mathematics Puppet Shows (TMPS)

TMP coupled with the TMPS adopts a "transformative learning" approach to pedagogy, instead of the traditional "informative learning" approach characterized by rote learning. The program encourages exploration and experimentation with the goal of enabling children to develop independent and creative critical thinking skills.

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Andhra PradeshHyderabadPeri-Urban, Rural, Urban
The TMP program is run by The School of Mathematics in Hyderabad, India, and aims to improve students' mathematical abilities to a level which is on par with international standards by conducting training sessions and activities focused on developing highly proficient mathematical skills. The program is designed for 3 to 13 year olds and is implemented during and after school hours in schools and community centers. It has been nurturing young mathematicians for over a decade through the following components:
1.      TMP activities: through the use of a rich and varied set of eco-friendly mathematical teaching aids, the students are able to explore, learn, and internalize different concepts and fundamentals of mathematics.
2.      Joy of Learning: helps revise and reinforce students' understanding gained from interactive learning sessions of TMP, and nurture their time management skills.
3.      Mathematical Games: aid the children to spend quality time learning mathematics in school and at home. 
4.      Mini-Projects: these are designed to apply students' knowledge of mathematics to practical life situations.
By focusing on the number system, the four fundamental operations, space perception, memory techniques, observational skills, measurement skills etc., the program aims to develop mathematical thinking by building a strong conceptual foundation and creating interest in mathematics among students. It also nurtures mathematical problem solving skills and develops visualization skills i.e. viewing 3D objects in 2D form and vice-versa.
The Puppet Shows provide a stimulus for interaction and learning. It draws on research that has identified the value of using puppets to teach mathematics, and enables the students to become confident in using puppets themselves. It is suitable for all ages (not just young students) and also for students with special educational needs.
The program has helped bring students back to school, thereby enhancing enrollment and has improved student retention by reducing drop-outs. It has helped create an opportunity for teachers to teach mathematics as hands-on experience.  
The program has its own part time team members from the faculty of mathematics, who focus on curriculum development in addition to training the teachers. A training module and training manual has been developed to train the teachers. The program has also benefited the community at large by providing effective teaching services to the underprivileged and by creating awareness among a few tribal communities of Andhra Pradesh.

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