Tusaidiane Mwaloni Kirumba ECD Program

Addressing the needs of children holistically, TMK builds community resourcefulness to best meet the nutritional, material, and educational needs of young children.

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The Tusaidiane Mwaloni Kirumba ECD Program is community-run and works to improve the lives of young children in Kirumba Ward of Ilemela District. The program has established two ECD day care centers in Kirumba Ward, which provide quality care and early learning for young children below 5 years old since 2013.

The centers provide quality care and early learning as well as food and nutrition so as to improve the health of the children in the family and household. The program empowers women from poor income households by forming women micro-finance groups and training them on how to establish income generating activities to increase household income and support their young children at the centers and at home.

Community engagement in support of TMK’s ECD program is a key to the program’s effectiveness. Materials and other non-financial contributions from parents/guardians and the community as a whole enable the program to support young children’s development at the ECD center and at home. Community engagement is also key to the program’s sustainability, enabling community members to pool efforts to pay additional caregivers and provide nutritious meals for children at the centers, even as the initial funding from Tusaidiane Mwaloni Kirumba comes to a close.

Involvement of local community members to support programs for the well being of their children.Inadequate knowledge on ECD matters to parents/guardians and caregivers.

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