Ububele is a comprehensive early childhood development program, which offers training to child caregivers, supports group facilitators and psychologists, provides clinical services, and runs community-based projects and a pre-school.
2000South Africa

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Ububele supports the understanding, knowledge and skills of those working with young children (under seven) through a comprehensive portfolio of activities, based on the premise that preventative and remedial psychosocial support interventions improve the mental health of young children, preparing them emotionally, socially and academically for life. The goal of Ububele is to assist children born into poverty to grow up to become emotionally healthy adults, competent parents and good citizens.

Through its training and workshop component, skills to build the emotional resilience of children and help to break the inter-generational patterns of behavior and poverty are taught. Ububele is accredited as an education and training provider by the Health & Welfare SETA and by the Health Professions Council of SA. Training courses in psychosocial care and support are offered to psychotherapists, social workers, social auxiliary workers, nurses, pre-school teachers, child caregivers and lay counselors. Ububele also works with mothers and infants to improve the quality of attachment between them. 

The Ububele pre-school offers a holistic and enriching curriculum, which includes art, ballet, baking, creative play and active learning. Highly trained staff identify children who are experiencing emotional challenges and support them with individual play therapy, and parenting workshops are offered by psychologists to promote positive parenting and coping mechanisms. 

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