Uday Samudaik Pathshalas

Support, strengthen, and popularize the idea of a child-centric innovative education system through endeavors of quality in education so that communities start demanding the same from the existing education-providing structures.

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RajasthanSawai Madhopur, KhandarRural

Uday Samudayik Pathshalas are resource schools set up in the Khandar and Sawai Madhopur districts, as well as one in an urban area of the state of Rajasthan. As resource centers, these schools serve many purposes. The center demonstrates not just Gramin Shiksha Kendra's (GSK) beliefs about education but also its beliefs about the way people feel a school should engage with the community. Teachers come to observe and work at the center for some time. Children from other schools come and use the library. The schools are also a resource for the community to come and observe GSK's way of doing things. 

GSK has set up five such resource schools around the Ranthambhor National Park. Two of these resource schools are supporting educational activities in 40 villages in the area.

All the schools, which go by the name Uday, meaning "morning," are free. The rural schools have been set up in villages after consultations with the community; it also helped that GSK had strong community links.

The centers are able to demonstrate positive approach to the community and establish the schools as high-quality schools. Demand for new Uday Pathshalas come every day from different villages. Vistaar is an effort to work with the parent and teacher communities to improve the quality of government schools in villages so the government schools start providing similar quality education to children in the area. 


These education centers are owned by the community and create models of alternative ownership of schools that are owned either by the government or private entrepreneurs. The success lies in bringing a change in the way other schools in the area operate.Keeping up the standards of established, high-quality education with a changing teacher workforce. This is a challenge but also a motivation.

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