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Unnayan Learning Hub is an after-school center that seeks to build the foundational and interpersonal skills of its students through extra-curricular activities and academic support. The center runs both an early childhood education program for children in nursery through grade 2, and an elementary education program for students in classes 3-8.

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Unnayan Learning Hub is a start-up that seeks to provide basic education through an after-school center to under-priviledged children, with a strong emphasis on girls in the slums of New Delhi. Currently operating one center in Sangam Vihar, Unnayan seeks to open one other center in 2013, and to operate 10 to 17 centers by 2015. 

The center offers both early childhood education for girls in nursery through class 3, and an elementary education program serving girls in classes 3 through 8. Students attend the Unnayan Learning Hub after their regular school classes. The center seeks to provide a holistic curriculum that develops students' foundational and interpersonal skills, in particular through extra-curricular activities such as dance, arts and crafts, and self-defense, as well as through a social science and science curriculum. 

The program will recruit teachers from the local community, both in order to empower members of the local community, and to encourage the community to feel a sense of ownership over each center (currently the two co-founders and one community teacher teach classes at the first center). Each student is charged a nominal fee in order to sustain the center (150 Indian rupees/month for the early childhood program, 180 Indian rupees/month for the elementary education program through class 5, and 200 Indian rupees/month for students in class 6-8). In the long-term, Unnayan hopes to employ a hybrid model, where funding is derived in part from donors in addition to student fees. 

Unnayan has been employing an active marketing campaign in order to spread awareness of its new centers. Volunteers have engaged in door-to-door awareness campaigns, distributing pamphlets, and enacting street plays to raise awareness not only about the centers themselves, but also about the value of education, and girls' education in particular. 

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