Volunteer Corps Tutoring Program

Volunteer Corps is committed to impacting the less privileged children in the senior secondary schools by complementing the effort of the teachers in teaching the curriculum and life skills.

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VolunteerCorps is a voluntary organization established in 1992 by a group of Nigerians who believe in the concept of giving back to the society. It is a fully locally funded organization with credible Board members and no political affiliations. Its vision is to promote a passion for volunteerism as a strategy to develop our world.

Volunteer corps has four areas of interest (Volunteerism, Education, Environment and Health) with volunteerism and education being its focus. The future projection is that because of the work its committed to, volunteerism will be an integral part of every Nigerian’s life. Fifty years from the 28th of June 2008 (by 2058), every community and sector will feel the beneficial impact of volunteerism; VolunteerCorps will provide avenue for Nigerians to fulfill their natural instinct to be their brother’s keeper.


  • Education program has affected over 1,000 students from 45 government senior secondary schools in Lagos in 6 different local government areas in Lagos State.
  • Graduated 544 students since the inception of the program in 2003.
  • Given tertiary scholarship awards to 9 of our best overall students.


Who we work with: