The Vutamdogo (Pull the Little One) program works to improve the literacy and numeracy of Tanzanian children in grades 1-2. Educated youth from the community lead after-school instruction using play-based methods to help children transitioning into primary school.

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The Vutamdogo (Pull the Little One) Program is an innovative intervention which is designed to enhance literacy and numeracy skills among children attending grades 1 and 2 in five communities of Mwanza region, Tanzania. The program gives responsibility to youth who had the privilege of accessing formal education to support younger children in their community to read, write and do mathematics in after school programs. The program is youth-led, however parents, teachers/ para-teachers, community leaders and the community at large have a role to play in making the program work successfully and taking learning to the home and community.

The development of basic skills and competencies is promoted largely through play, supported by a variety of materials and a wide range of experiences. Parents support young children in terms of materials, homework monitoring and storytelling. The program is designed specifically for settings outside school, where the learners are able to interact with the local environment and draw on the richness of the community to deepen learning. The program also gives responsibility and purpose to youth in the community, who are often excluded and lack opportunity. Youth receive support and trainings before leading after school sessions, and must plan ahead to provide necessary materials for learning which are locally available.

The program simultaneously tackles the challenges of low-levels of learning among children starting primary school and exclusion and lack of opportunity for Tanzanian youthLarge numbers of children in the program and need for expansion

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