What's Up Girls?!

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GEC Funding: 917,121


What is the project doing? 

Addressing key stakeholders (girls, teachers and fathers and other key male stakeholders) combining three innovative methods: School Mothers, the What’s Up?! packages and use of Digital Audio Players (DAPs). 

Implementing the ‘School Mother’ method that has been successful in the Rumbek East County for the last three years. The ‘School Mother’ method allows women who are respected in the community and who support girls’ education to become advocates that work with communities and parents. 

Addressing cultural beliefs and rites which are underlying issues preventing girls’ education through the What’s Up?! packages. 

Providing training using solar-powered DAPs.


How does this project meet the Innovation Window criteria?

The ‘What’s Up?’ set of life skills training for teachers has been piloted in Uganda, but is new to South Sudan. Different types of training have already been developed, but will be adapted to the local context of Rumbek East County and will address, in particular, cultural issues related to gender based violence, the position of men and women, and the importance of girls’ education. New What’s Up?! packages will also be developed specifically for this project, with a component directed at male community members.

The DAPs are innovative because they are easy, accessible, modern and environmentally friendly learning tools. They offer listeners the option to repeat a lesson anytime, anywhere, providing ‘on demand’ sessions not available through traditional methods. Through the project, this methodology will be fine-tuned and expanded.

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