YCAB House of Learning and Development (HoLD) Program

The HoLD program runs 76 Rumah Belajar learning centers that offer basic education equivalency and vocational skills courses to youth who have dropped out of the formal Indonesian education system.

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In response to the high dropout rates among Indonesian secondary school students, the YCAB Foundation created the HoLD program for out-of-school and underprivileged youth. HoLD is one of the YCAB Foundation's three core programs: HeLP, HoLD, and HOpe. The YCAB Foundation (which stands for “Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa” or “Loving the Nation’s Children Foundation”) works throughout Indonesia to promote opportunity for youth.

Nearly 3 million Indonesians children drop out of school each year, and prospects for those who do not complete their education are slim. The House of Learning and Development (HoLD) program was established to help these at-risk youth complete their education and gain practical skills that they can use in the workforce.

For less than 1 USD per month, students can enroll in classes at a “Rumah Belajar” Learning Center. The 76 centers currently in operation are located around Indonesia and soffer youth a variety of courses, including the Paket program (a basic education equivalent program that is recognized by the Indonesian government) to complete their secondary education, English or IT classes, and/or vocational training courses to prepare for entering the workforce. As of

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