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Youth Innovation Partnership, formerly This is Africa, is an initiative of Bright Green Enterprise that offers a unique business development program to secondary students in Tanzania. Through international competition and technology education, students build entrepreneurial spirit as well as a greater understanding of development challenges.

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The Youth Innovation Partnership (YIP) was established in 2012 by Bright Green Enterprise, a UK education social enterprise with the aim of developing innovative learning activities to engage youth in STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), sustainability, and social enterprise.

As an enterprise and skills specialist serving more than 40,000 students to-date, the core range of activities is delivered in short easy cycles to support core Tanzanian National Curriculum objectives at minimal timetable impact.

Each YIP core topical program is built on a STEM learning framework that broadens students' understanding of core subject knowledge and allows them to apply this in an entrepreneurial context. Science and technology are key growth areas under Tanzanian economic and educational strategy with policy toward building national capabilities for participation within the “knowledge society.” Working across the Arumeru region of northern Tanzania, YIP Tanzania’s programs offer a student-led approach to 21st century enterprise and skills development, ensuring that youth remain engaged and aware of how core curriculum knowledge can impact and meet local social and environmental sustainability goals.

Programs are delivered in partnership with schools, their teachers, and local private-public partnerships. As such, YIP’s programs can lead to STEM ventures outside of the classroom, exploring areas such as engineering, technology, and sustainability under instruction from local entrepreneurs and innovators. The aim is to build up teacher participation and routine over the next two to four years and expand the network of organizational partners who can offer tailored learning experiences.

YIP Tanzania is involved with fair competitions for science, technology, and innovation.


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