Zaya’s goal is to bring world-class learning to every neighborhood by empowering teachers with the tools to deliver a personalized learning experience and to measure individual student’s progress and learning outcomes, thereby closing the sizeable achievement gap at the base of the pyramid.

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Zaya’s ultimate goal is to build a global network of “Learning Labs” that educate and empower millions of students at the base of the pyramid.  Zaya labs take two forms – labs set up in partnership with low-income schools where Zaya will be used to aid instruction as well as stand-alone after-school labs.

At the core of these learning labs is a blended learning approach, which combines traditional teaching methods with small-group and individual learning.  One-to-many learning is still the primary vehicle for teaching new concepts for the first time with small group and one-to-one self-paced learning used to achieve mastery and help students in addressing personal strengths and weaknesses.   This shifts the focus of the classroom from teacher to student, catering to the needs of individual students vs. a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Zaya’s labs are powered by a unique Class Cloud technology, which allows teachers to bring the best of educational content on the web as well as supplementary content specifically tailored to the local curriculum into their classrooms.  The Class Cloud “Hotspot” is lightweight, mobile, and battery-operated and can operate without an internet connection (internet is only required when new content needs to be synced from the central server).  The Class Cloud, which can store content ranging from instructional videos to e-books, is part of a Lab Kit bundle, which includes tablets, earphones, a projector, and peripherals.

Realizing that teacher training is as critical to driving learning outcomes, Zaya is investing significant energy in developing training modules to train teachers on blended learning.  Its platform provides teachers with feedback and analysis on students progress and performance, allowing students to track learning deficits at the skill or micro-skill level.   With this information, teachers can more effectively invest their time in the areas where students need the most help. 

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