Parent Engagement Needs Assessment: A Guide for Literacy Practitioners

Project Literacy Community of Practice, Parent Engagement Working Group 2018
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The Parent Engagement Needs Assessment guides literacy practitioners in understanding the unique constraints, attitudes, and needs of parents, allowing them to design more context-specific programs to increase parental involvement in children’s education.


The needs assessment includes guiding questions, pro-tips, and illustrative examples to help you assess the literacy context and caregiver experience. It is intended for literacy practitioners who work with parents and caregivers, particularly those who engage low and non-literate populations.


The Parent Engagement Needs Assessment was collectively developed by members of the Project Literacy Community of Practice, a collaborative learning network of literacy practitioners from over 20 countries.


The needs assessment will be pilot tested and revised in 2019. If you or your organization are interested in piloting the tool, please reach out to Laurel Schmitt (


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